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How long will this take?

One month! From the day you start treatment to the day you can load your implants with teeth and ready to function. All on 4 docs will guide you through some essential steps to ensure that you deliver well fitting and healthy prosthesis.

Why should I choose all on 4 docs?

Currently, All on 4 docs is the only resource for prosthetic treatment planning and precise 3 dimensional implant placement specifically for all on 4 procedures. It is also the only system that guides you through the prosthodontic phases, in order to demystify the prosthetic part of treatment. The system will even help and guide you in making and delivering the final restoration.
This is a fail proof system designed by Prosthodotists for your peace of mind.

What does the fee include?

The fee includes: planning, guidance, immediate load dentures, surgical guides and bone reduction guides.

What if my patient doesn’t need bone reduction?

In order to avoid major emergence problems with your prosthesis and undersurfaces that are cancave and unhealthy, you will almost always require some bone reduction. All on 4 doctors has a unique system to help you plan and reduce just the right amount of bone for a healthy and pleasing restoration. Again leave all the hard work and planning for us.

Can you rush this case?

Yes. In many situations our team of experts can help you treat your patients efficiently if you need to.

Which implant components do I need to order?

All on 4 doctors will show you which components are needed for each stage. The last thing you want to do is to start a procedure and not have all that you need.

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