All on 4 Doctors

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Why choose a certified “All on 4(TM) dentist”?

You want the assurance that your doctor has received the appropriate training.


Advantages And Disadvantages

Considered to be some of the most successful treatments in dentistry in terms of patient satisfaction and survival of the restoration and implants.


General Information

All-on-4™ is a revolutionary technique whereby a whole arch of failing, damaged or missing teeth is replaced by prosthetic teeth supported by dental implants.


Different types of bridges

Various materials and techniques are used for dental implant restorations and at first, the choice may seem overwhelming.



 Payments can be as low as $399.00 a month…


Post Operative Instructions

Although your temporaries are strong, stable and function like teeth, you must eat soft foods during the healing and integration process.”


Pre operative Instructions

 We highly recommend that you stop smoking before surgery.


Technological Advances

Your doctors have received the highest level of training to include the latest in 3D digital design.

Useful Resource for You

For additional educational information about the All on 4 ™ procedure please click on one of the links below.