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Bob - Patient Testimonial

Bob was wearing removable partial dentures and was not satisfied that this was his only option. He had been to see several dentists who told him that implants were not possible unless he went through extensive bone grafting.

Chief Complaint – “I can’t chew or taste my food. I do not want teeth that come out of my mouth”

Treatment Time – 7 months , fixed permanent teeth on implants were provided the same day his teeth were removed.

Jill - Patient Testimonial

Jill had neglected herself and her teeth had taken a toll. She suffered from decay and multiple tooth fractures.

Chief Complaint – “I want my teeth to look beautiful again, I want to smile again”

Treatment Time – 8 months, the All on 4™ was provided, Jill had teeth the same day and in 6 months she got new teeth.

Kim - Patient Testimonial

Kim had not been to the dentist for the last 20 years. Her teeth were breaking down, she was nervous and reluctant to have treatment done. She wanted her smile back.

Chief Complaint – “I want my teeth to look presentable again, I’m fed up of looking like this “

Treatment Time – 9 months. The All on 4™ procedure was performed in both the upper and lower jaws and Kim had fixed permanent beautiful teeth.

Mary Ann - Patient Testimonial

Mary Ann was a nurse. She had suffered from gum disease for many years and her teeth were breaking down. She was told she could only get dentures

Chief Complaint -  ”I do not want to wear dentures”

Treatment – Through sophisticated CT Scan and Guided implant placement technology The All on 4™ was performed in both the upper and lower jaws and Mary Ann got her smile back.

Melvin - Patient Testimonial

Melvin had struggled with his dentures for many years and his health was deteriorating. He just didn’t enjoy his food and could not eat what he wanted to.

Chief Complaint - “I want to be able to chew a steak again”

Treatment – Melvin was treated utilizing the All on4 ™ protocol for both his upper and lower jaws. The day he got his fixed permanent teeth he enjoyed a steak for the first time in many years.

Michael - Patient Testimonial

Michael had been struggling with his teeth for a while. Every time he went to the dentist he always needed multiple root canals and crowns. His teeth were breaking down and he wanted a permanent solution.

Chief Complaint - “I want to be done with my dental treatment, every time I visit the dentist I always need something”.

Treatment - Michael had his teeth removed, dental implants placed and teeth provided to him the same day. He has enjoyed his teeth for the last 8 years and when he comes in for his cleanings he is always smiling.

Immediate Loading - Dr. Saj Jivraj

Implants without Bone Grafting - Dr. Saj Jivraj

Teeth in One Day - Dr. Saj Jivraj

All-on-4 Dental Implant Treatment

All-on-4® treatment concept - Nobel Biocare

Ricado - Patient Testimonial

Ricardo has been wearing a denture for the last 10 years. He has been miserable and has not been able to enjoy his food.

Chief Complaint - ”I cannot eat anymore, I am losing weight and I don’t know what to do”

Treatment - Ricardo was treated using the All on 4™ protocol and is now back to being himself. He can eat anything he wants and his family say he smiles a lot more 

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